5 Ways to Do Disaster Recovery Better

Hyperconverged infrastructure solutions are making substantial inroads into a broader set of use cases and deployment options, but limitations exist. I& leaders should view HCI solutions as tools in the toolbox, rather than panaceas for all IT infrastructure problems.


In the 2020s, IT Teams know they can't approach disaster recovery (DR) the same way they have for the last few decades – with human-driven brute force, widespread complexity, and high costs. Combining the right DR technology with the right DR strategy is critical for speedy recovery.

Read the tech brief, 5 Ways to Do Disaster Recovery Better, to learn how to plan an effective DR strategy, including:

  • Maximize your budget’s potential – get rid of high-cost DR plans, such as secondary data centers
  • Say NO to paying a ransom by using the right converged backup and DR technology
  • Choose DR technology that will help you protect your business and meet or exceed your organization’s DR SLAs

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