“With only 2 years on the market, Datrium’s sales are strong…[they’ve] been building on the foundations of their unusual architecture with equally unusual and impressive functionality.” – SWOT analysis, 451 Research

Datrium’s unique open convergence infrastructure (OCI) solution, Datrium DVX, is giving traditional HCI a run for its money with an ability to scale compute and storage independently. Plus, the Datrium DVX system includes a modern, built-in data protection that has resulted in some larger customers eliminating the overhead of backing up the DVX system with third-party products.

Read this 451 Research paper to learn about Datrium DVX’s:

  • Built-in secondary storage
  • Backup/Instant Restart
  • Cloud DR

You’ll learn how a first-of-its-kind, industry-proven OCI platform can give you performance and unprecedented data protection that matches (or surpasses) the speed and scale of a Tier-1 HCI-like system for mission-critical applications.

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