Enable Effortless DR by Unifying Data Silos

Hyperconverged infrastructure solutions are making substantial inroads into a broader set of use cases and deployment options, but limitations exist. I& leaders should view HCI solutions as tools in the toolbox, rather than panaceas for all IT infrastructure problems.


It’s no secret that IT infrastructure is fragmented. Organizations with large IT footprints are using multicloud strategies, so data and workloads are being intentionally distributed in isolated data silos.

IT teams need a platform that unifies data silos and provides a consistent experience and a common data management system no matter which cloud they're using. Unifying data silos is critical to achieving the benefits of a multicloud strategy.

Read the tech brief, Enable Effortless DR by Unifying Data Silos, and learn how the Datrium Automatrix platform unifies five critical data functions:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Backup
  • Primary storage
  • Security and compliance
  • Workload and data mobility

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