The Gorilla Guide to Why Modern IT Requires Modern Disaster Recovery

Hyperconverged infrastructure solutions are making substantial inroads into a broader set of use cases and deployment options, but limitations exist. I& leaders should view HCI solutions as tools in the toolbox, rather than panaceas for all IT infrastructure problems.


Protecting your data center is your top priority. But, you're continually faced with the rise of new external threats. That means you need new tools to respond effectively and quickly.

Read the Gorilla Guide to Why Modern IT Requires Modern Disaster Recovery, to see how you can improve your backup and disaster recovery strategy. We'll review the types of threats and attacks companies face, and the best ways to back up and restore critical systems and data to ensure maximum uptime and avoid paying a ransom.

Key takeaways include:

  • Who is threatening your data center security
  • How modern disaster recovery solutions protect your data and give you clear, concise steps to recover from a ransomware attack
  • What to expect in the evolution of DR, and how we'll continue to leverage the public cloud, data management, and SaaS

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