Livin’ La Vida DR

Hyperconverged infrastructure solutions are making substantial inroads into a broader set of use cases and deployment options, but limitations exist. I& leaders should view HCI solutions as tools in the toolbox, rather than panaceas for all IT infrastructure problems.


Disaster recovery (DR) goes beyond natural disasters and power outages. Those are standard features of any DR solution. Unfortunately, many companies are facing external attackers – specifically, ransomware attacks. If you can recover from a layered ransomware encryption attack by encrypting both primary storage and backups, then you know your DR plan and data center are safe from ransomware attacks.

Read the tech brief, Livin’ La Vida DR: Surviving Ransomware, Prepping for Natural Disasters, Solving Compliance Pains, and Modernizing DR for the Future, to learn:

  • How Datrium transformed DR
  • What it takes to make a DR system nearly bulletproof with a focus on “data integrity” across the entire solution stack
  • How next-generation ransomware is almost certainly going to hit your business – it's just a matter of time
  • Why DR compliance should be an automatic feature, not a dreaded, manual process
  • The power of Modern DR and Disaggregated HCI (DHCI)

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